Adam is a photographer by day, and an adventurer by night. If you can't find him, you should probably start looking outside. He's either playing fetch with his labs, off-roading, hiking, surfing, working in his yard or any other assortment of outdoor activities. Here's a tip about Adam: If he's on his computer when you ask him a question, don't be surprised if he doesn't respond for 5 minutes. He's in the zone. Now if you want to keep things strictly business with Adam, beware, he has a tendency to become friends with anyone and everyone. Adam has been working in the commercial industry for 12 years, he knows how to work with natural light and studio lighting. Whether you have come to the site just to browse or you are looking for a photographer to fit your needs, Adam can help you out. He has a wide range of skills in photographing almost anything under the sun, while he prefers working with people in lifestyle shoots, he is more then comfortable to tackle your product or food photography and has worked with some great clients. Clients include, The Popcorn Factory, Cheryl's cookies, SBC advertising, Abrasive Technology, House of Krauss design, the Columbus Opera, plenty of Restaurants and local boutiques. If you would like more information or would like to contact Adam for information about your shoot, please click on the contact button or email Adam directly at :